Smart objects & traceability

Using inks for control and safety applications

OXY uses screen printing technology to print with special technical inks and cover a range of highly specific applications.

Smart objects


  • At Oxy, we use our expertise to print conductive traces on flexible substrates such as polyester, paper, special highly calendered paper or aluminium with a cellulose layer. The substrate can then be fitted into an everyday object to turn it into a “smart” object.
  • Screen printing offers the ideal resolution with minimum ink thickness (just a few microns), providing a good trade-off between conductivity and precision.
  • Oxy works with partners on R&D projects to develop products for emerging markets in a range of sectors, including the automotive engineering and medical fields.



Cold chain

  • Oxy offers thermochromic printing which can be used to check that the cold chain has not been broken for frozen products. If the product’s temperature goes over a certain limit, the marking on the package changes irreversibly to let consumers know not to use it.
  • Colour changes can be set to the nearest degree between -20°C and +80°C.

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