Screen printing

Over 40 years of know-how

Screen printing primarily serves the manufacturing, railway and aeronautical sectors, and offers numerous advantages, including optimal colour rendering (intense and opaque colours), high precision, excellent durability and high longevity.

Screen printing can be used on a number of rigid and flexible substrates, including vinyl, PVC, aluminium, polyester, and polycarbonate.


Screen printing requires a stencil and photosensitive capillary film. After UV exposure of the patterns to be printed on the photosensitive film, the print operator uses a blade to put pressure on the stencil and transfer ink to the substrate. A different stencil is needed for each different colour.

Once the blade has been passed over the screen, the ink is dried using UV light, infrared or pulsed air depending on the inks and substrates.

Screen printing machines

  • 3 THIEME machines, 750 x 1050 mm
  • 2 SILAIR machines, 1200 x 800 mm
  • 1 SMAG Galaxie machine, up to 350 mm
  • 1 automatic emulsion coating machine
  • 1 UV lamp 

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