Illuminated Signage, Lightboxes (LED), Light-up Letters

Illuminated Signage, Lightboxes (LED), Light-up Letters

Illuminated communication products (shop signs, lightboxes and letters) can include any inscription or image. Place these signs on your shop front to increase your store’s visibility or advertise, making your sign quick and easy to read and understand any time of the day or night.

OXY meets your specifications while also contributing its communication expertise.

Technical characteristics

  • Good resistance to outdoor elements
  • Can be printed directly on rigid substrate
  • Printing on vinyl stickers, with lettering cut out and affixed onto the substrate
  • Lower power consumptions with LEDs positioned around or behind the sign to give a backlighting effect

Various materials are available: aluminium, Dibond, PMMA, etc.


Our experienced teams have all certifications required for illuminated signage (electrical French CACES forklift driver and electrical installation certifications).
Our service includes the installation of electrical equipment.