COVERSAFE Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Film

COVERSAFE Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Film

OXY offers a surface protection solution for managing COVID health risks. This self-adhesive film has exceptional antimicrobial properties and can be easily applied to any surface type:

• Minimise the risks of staff contamination
• Reassure employees and encourage their support in returning to work
• Reassure customers and ensure their safety
• Promote your commitment to health measures with customised communication

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Technical characteristics

Triple 24/7 protection against viruses (including SARS-COV2), bacteria, germs and mould:

  • Rapid action (e.g. for SARS-COV2 coronavirus: 96% in 1 hr)
  • Stable action that stays effective over time (tested over 4 years)
  • Natural and biocompatible technology with no leaching: no danger for skin
  • Certified food contact material
  • Discreet once installed: thin (total thickness of 0.14 mm), transparent and matt
  • Can be cleaned using ordinary cleaning products (soap, bleach, disinfectant) without reducing antimicrobial activity

Installation and options

OXY installs Coversafe film across France.