Oxy writes inclusion in Braille on planes

The accessibility of air transport is a right for people with disabilities and an obligation for airlines. However, the use of Braille on planes still depends on voluntary action. One of our clients has chosen to improve the reception and travel experience of blind or visually impaired passengers by entrusting us with the task of marking the seat back shelves in Braille on its aircraft. Our teams took charge of this request from A to Z: definition of the need, creation of the design, translation of the information into Braille, technical choice. The qualification obtained a few years ago from the SNCF, and validated in TGV by associations of visually impaired people, was very useful to us. For the material, we chose a high-resistance polycarbonate, which is fire and smoke proof, damage proof and wash proof. For the printing process, we recommended screen printing, which combines a perfect rendering with excellent durability. Finally, we designed and manufactured the installation templates, in compliance with specific standards. Indeed, Braille must be written larger in transport, to ensure its legibility despite the movements of the device. We have therefore ensured that the height of each dot exceeds 0.5 mm. Precision work for inclusion!