Oxy guides AgroParisTech students

The new Paris-Saclay campus brings together 2,000 students, 1,350 teacher-researchers, technicians and administrative staff in 65,000 m² and 8 buildings.

In order to respond to this vast global signage project, Oxy used its entire range of expertise to produce signs, some of which are over 10 m high, beacons, space identification, plaques and almost a kilometre of warning strips…

Powder coating, coloured vinyl, anodised aluminium, embossing, digital cutting… For each type of signage, Oxy has used the technique and support that gives the best result, while simplifying the installation work for a timely delivery.

The Oxy teams are proud to have contributed to the realisation of this major university site in France, and wish the students an excellent start to the new academic year in September 2022.