12 million eyes

A replica of the famous Palaeolithic cave discovered in the calanques of Cassis, Cosquer Méditerranée was inaugurated in June 2023 by the French President.

It has been a great success with the public: 800,000 visitors since it opened in June 2022. 800,000 visitors welcomed, guided and informed by Oxysign products: giant lettering on the façade of the building, interior signage, signs and totems in the permanent exhibition, etc.

Every year, our signage solutions for museums and monuments also help…

• 7 million visitors to ther Eiffel Tower.

 3 million visitors to the Centre Pompidou.

•  1 millionvisitors of Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac museum.

• 700, 000 visitors to the l’Hôtel de la marine – Centre des monuments nationaux.

More than 12 million users ! 

Visible, useful and effective signs for communicating, informing and guiding are our raison d’être… and our passion for doing things.